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Connected fitness network Strava has rebranded its premium tier as Strava and changed how you pay for it.

Summit is now formed of several subscription packages – Training, Analysis and Safety – that you pay for on a per-package basis. 

So instead of paying £45/$60 a year or £6/$8 a month for each package costs £2.50/$3 a month (£7 if you have all three packs) or £48/$60 a year. So UK users will pay a little more for the whole whack. 

The Training Pack tools and insights athletes need to train smarter while the Analysis Pack enables you to get more from the performance data that your connected devices generate. Strava works with all GPS devices and all heart-rate monitors and power meters with Bluetooth LE.

Finally, the Safety Pack enables you to explore with the ability to privately share your location with select friends and family. This is handy, but many devices and apps can do this anyway, of course. 

Existing Strava Premium users retain access at their current price. Coincidentally, Strava says it now boasts more than 32 million users in 195 countries. 

Strava has 25 activities uploaded every second, a total of 15.3 million every week. Over 1,100 pro athletes are at on the platform. 

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