Telegram updates app to roll out Passport, a unified authorization | Apps

has recently updated its app to roll out a new feature called , which the company explains as “a authorization method for services that require personal identification.”

With more and more apps and platforms now asking for user identification, Telegram aims to eliminate the hassle of uploading document scans over and again.

With the new Telegram , the apps will allow users to upload their documents once, and then instantly share it with any service, which asks for personal identification proof.

Telegram was shut in Iran. Reuters.

Telegram was shut in Iran. Reuters.

Telegram assures that any identification obtained by the feature is stored on Telegram Cloud, and protected by end-to-end encryption, and a password only the user knows. “Telegram has no access to the data you store in your Telegram passport”. It says that when a user shares any data, it directly reaches the recipient.

Telegram in its blog post also announced that moving forward all Telegram Passport data will move to a decentralized cloud.

Do note, in order to use Telegram Passport, you need the latest version of the platform. Once you are up to date, you can go ahead and upload some documents, and you will see your data in Settings > Privacy & Security > Telegram Passport on Android and on Settings > Telegram Passport on iOS.

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