Telegram users get a bunch of new powers in latest update

A new update to has added a bunch of new location based features to the popular messaging platform. The latest version introduces an ‘Add People Nearby’ setting which you can use to quickly exchange contact details with another user in your area, no typing required.

Since a recent update allows Telegram control who can see their phone number, this could make it possible to share your contact details with someone while keeping your private number, well, private. A great function for parties, business meetings and the like.

Local group chats

The ‘Add People Nearby’ function also lets you scan nearby public group chats. On a related note, there will also be a ‘Create a Local Group’ button to let you set one up yourself.

Telegram calls this “a new world of location-based group chats for anything from conferences, to festivals, to stadiums, to campuses, to chatting with people hanging out in the same cafe”. I could certainly see it useful for conferences and conventions, shared dormitory issues, that kind of thing.

Easy group handovers

Sometimes you get tired of managing a group chat, lose interest in the subject or just don’t have the time anymore. Now you can transfer admin rights of any group chat to another user with two taps. The group owner simply needs to grant admin rights to another use and then hit the new ‘Transfer Ownership’ button.

The new Telegram update include extra notification controls; Siri shortcuts for iOS users, of course; and additional customization options.

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