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Android Pie Statue Google Developers

  • After unveiling 9.0 Pie yesterday, Google has unveiled a pie-themed statue at the company’s headquarters.
  • Just like with the Nougat statue, this year’s sculpture consists of a bugdroid standing next to a pie.
  • Now it’s time to start speculating about Q’s name.

Unlike last year, Google didn’t host an event to unveil the name of P. Instead, the company chose to announce Android 9.0 Pie through a blog post. But in typical Google fashion, the search giant finished the day by uncovering a large Android Pie sculpture that will sit at the entrance to the company’s Mountain View headquarters.

In years past, Google has worked with its sculpture maker to create fun and unique statues that incorporated the bugdroid and that year’s tasty treat. This year, though, the figure is boring as it’s just a waving bugdroid standing next to what looks like a cherry pie.

This isn’t the first time that one of Google’s lawn ornaments was less than awe-inspiring. Two years ago, the statue for Android Nougat had the bugdroid standing on top of several chunks of the candy. Unfortunately, not every year can be a winner.

The good news with Android 9.0 Pie is that the first stable build of the operating system is rolling out now to Pixel and Essential Phone owners. Changes to Android include an adaptive battery feature, a new gesture-based navigation option, a new Material theme in the quick settings and general settings menu, and much more.

Now we know that this year’s version of Android is called Pie, it’s time to speculate about Android Q’s codename. Make sure to head on over to that article and give us your best guess at what tasty treat Google might use next.

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