These are the Huawei smartphones that will get Android Q

Although after the US veto it seemed that all was lost for smartphones, a new leak has revealed that a number of Huawei devices will receive Q, the latest version of Google’s operating system. How is that possible?

Huawei’s sales have plummeted. Although many of you assured us that you still trusted the Chinese brand, the reality is that the number of smartphones sold has declined in large numbers. One of the main factors is its break with Google, so Huawei will no longer be able to include Google Services on its new phones. Many thought that this meant Goodbye to Android Q.

However, the ban will come into force on 19 August, giving Huawei just over two months to continue working with its previous trading partners. If it has everything ready before that date, it will be able to offer the new version of Android, as the ban does not affect devices already manufactured.

According to the Italian media HDBlog, Huawei is working to have this update reach 11 smartphones at the moment. The list includes the manufacturer’s latest flagships as well as mid-range devices such as the Huawei P Smart Z. This is the complete list:

Although this might be good news, we must take this leak with caution, as the situation is more than delicate. On the other hand, we must remember that Huawei has its new operating system practically ready, and that it could begin to be implemented when the ban becomes effective.


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