TikTok Crosses 2 Billion Downloads

As the world goes through global lockdown, housebound masses have resorted to social media and other forms of online entertainment. Hence, most applications have seen a surge in downloads.

Last week we reported that TikTok, gaining the title of “most downloads for any app ever in a quarter,” downloaded 315 million times in Q1 2020. Following the news, yesterday, Sensor Tower reported that the video-focused application had topped 2 billion downloads since its launch. Only five months ago, the application stood at 1.5 billion downloads.

The report further explains that India and China are the biggest drivers of TikTok installs, with India accounting for 611 million lifetime downloads to date, i.e., 30.3% of the total and China accounting for 196.6 million or 9.7% of all downloads to date (of course for its version of the app, i.e., Douyin).

These figures don’t account for third-party Android store installs in both countries. Completing the top 3, the United States stands at 165 million, i.e., 8.2% of the total installs.

As far as downloads via App Store and Play Store are concerned, the App store accounts for 75.5% of the total installs, while the App Store racked up 24.5% of the downloads.


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