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What is it?

As the name suggests, the Truecaller Premium is the most advanced subscription plan, with an annual subscription fee of Rs 5000. It offers all the features of the Truecaller Premium, and also comes with an additional set of peculiarities, which might interest someone, who is planning to out from the crowd.

A user will a Truecaller Premium Gold subscription will get a gold-colored caller ID, compared to the standard blue-colored caller ID. So, if someone with a Truecaller app installed on their smartphone (works for both Android and iOS) makes a call, then, the user will see a Gold colored caller ID.

In addition to the Gold-color caller ID, Premium Gold subscribers will get high-priority customer support to answer your queries and to resolve your issues related to Truecaller. This feature including the Gold-color caller ID is limited to Truecaller Premium Gold subscribers.

How to subscribe to Truecaller Premium Gold?

How to subscribe?

  • Update your Truecaller app from the Play store or Appstore
  • Open the app and click on the menu button
  • Select subscribe to Truecaller Premium Gold and complete the payment
  • Voila, now you are a Truecaller Premium Gold subscriber
Our experience with the Truecaller Premium Gold

Our experience?

We have been testing the Truecaller Premium Gold subscription from the last ten days. As mentioned above, the feature does work properly without any issues. However, the user on the other end has to have an updated Truecaller app to get your Gold caller ID badge.

In terms of overall UI, the Truecaller Premium Gold is identical to the standard Truecaller UI, which is actually a good thing. Features like call recording and information about who viewed your profile work flawlessly.

In fact, when we tried to call some people with Truecaller, they did notice the Gold caller ID, and inquired about the Gold caller ID?

The Truecaller Premium Gold is sure a useful add-on. However, at the price of Rs 5000, it is not suited for everyone. It is primarily for those, who are looking for making a statement to differentiate from the general crowd.


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