Waze Live Map Feature Directions From Web To Mobile App

Waze has introduced a nifty new feature for sending the directions searched on its website to the mobile . This new feature comes in handy for those who plan their entire trip on a computer. Moreover, it works with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The Map feature on the web browser allows Waze users to check out traffic conditions, construction block-ups, and other trouble spots before leaving their homes and starting to drive. With the new update, Waze users may now access the saved trip made from the to Waze's mobile version.

Waze Web to App by QR code

Starting today, the Waze Live Map on the browser will show the “Save to app” button while searching for directions. When clicked on it, a QR code will be displayed. All the user needs to do is scan the QR code using the smartphone camera app to try this feature.

There will be a notification sent to the smartphone with the directions searched. In addition, the QR code scanning has to be done only once. Besides, users can also set the “leave now” or “arrive by” time to get notified to start the trip at the right time.

Here's how to enjoy the new update:

1. Log in the Live Map from the desktop using the QR code on your Waze app.
2. Enter the destination and starting point of your trip.
3. Set the arrival time and then tap “Save to app.”

Should you leave at a later time, a push notification shall be sent to your device as long as push notifications are turned on, telling you when to leave to reach your destination on time. In addition, destinations saved as favorites can be easily accessed by syncing them to and from your phone and computer.

In addition to the most popular Google Maps, Google also owns Waze. Recently, the company has also integrated the Google Assistant to its voice control feature in the Waze app for iOS.

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