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Legal, real-money betting is spreading around the United States, and may be available in the majority of the country within a year or two. It’s up to each state to enact the proper legislation to make it happen, but a few have already done it and several others are well on their way. This is expected to bring about a massive new industry, and the way things are these days, that will mean a whole new group of . While websites and potentially even in-person betting facilities will also become available, it’s likely that the majority of the activity will take place via . So these are a few predictions as to what we can probably expect from this whole new category of mobile tech.

New & Established Companies

The betting apps that will soon be sprouting up in the U.S. will likely come from a mixture of new and established companies. The established ones will largely be companies like Betfair and William Hill that are already thoroughly established in the UK and around Europe as reliable betting platforms. They may also include fringe betting companies like DraftKings or FanDuel, the latter of which actually launched a sportsbook this year. There’s a chance we could even see betting apps being presented by professional leagues or sports media companies like ESPN. But there will also almost certainly be new, digital sports books started specifically to capitalize on the U.S. market.

Attractive Bonuses & Welcome Features

The American betting market is going to be fascinating because it’s basically an attempt to bring an entire population into an existing activity. Granted, millions of Americans already bet illegally or have placed bets on vacation to places where it’s legal, but the ability to have a regularly used account on a mobile app will be new. And there will undoubtedly be incentive structures in order to help people get used to it. Many sites and apps have free bet options for people who are just starting out, and others have matched initial deposits up to fairly significant amounts. These kinds of features will almost certainly be part of the U.S. betting app selection, and will help new customers to feel good about the activity.

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Live betting is one of the biggest trends in betting, and it’s a strong bet, so to speak, that new U.S. sites will embrace it in an effort to be current. The difference between regular wagers and live betting is that live bets take place during events. So for instance, you can bet that the New England Patriots will win a football game against the Green Bay Packers before the game starts. But with live betting, you can also wager on something like how many yards Tom Brady will throw for in the third quarter, or most anything else that’s presented.

Bets Beyond Sports

Many think of betting as something reserved exclusively for sports, and it’s true that the sports world is going to provide most of the activity. However, there will almost certainly be betting opportunities beyond sports as well. For example, people love to bet on entertainment such as major award show winners, or even cinematic box office numbers. Others now like to place bets on political matters, with articles having been written about people looking to profit off of the current state of politics. And it’s quite likely that the people behind sites and apps will keep coming up with more special events for people to wager on. Expect a far more robust market than just sports betting.

Competitive Interfaces

This has less to do with the actual practice of betting, but it’s worth mentioning that most of the best mobile apps these days, across all categories, are the ones that are attractive to look at and easy to use. Interface and appearance matter, and can help one app beat out others in competitive categories, even if most everything else is similar. Because of this – the general state of the app market – expect new betting apps in the coming years to strive to be as beautiful and enjoyable to use as possible.

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