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WhatsApp the world’s famous instant online messaging app has confirmed that it is going to clear the history of chat and data for all the users from Monday onwards. It has been highly recommended to all the users to back up their media messages and chat history on Google drive.


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has reached an agreement with search giant Google last August to preserve users’ data on Google Drive without affecting user’s maximum memory limit, according to Efe report.

Later, the company has also warned that backups which hadn’t been updated in over a year will be automatically erased from the Google Drive storage. This inclusion allows users to reload their old conversation and chats on different and new Android devices.

How to backup your WhatsApp data on Google Drive

WhatsApp plays one of the important parts in keeping people connected to each other. Just like that, there are some conversation and chats which we don’t want to lose. To keep the memories of the old messages you can back them up on your Google Drive and pull them back anytime you want. It doesn’t matter which phone you are using and from which phone you have uploaded the backup files.

For creating a Google Drive backup you need to first open your WhatsApp app and head to the Menu section. There you can see the Setting option where will find an option known as chat. Tap on the chat and then select the backup option.


WhatsApp confirms to delete all unsaved chat histories


While clicking on the chat option you can see a popped up window seeking the Google account information on which you want to backup your chat history.

Select a Google account that you’ll back up your chat history. Tap Back up over to choose the network you wish to use for backup. It will take some time to back up your chat depending on the quantity of the chats you have, once its done you are all set to go. Moreover, you can also set a daily or weekly scheduled which will automatically backup your chats on Google Drive without disturbing the app.


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