WhatsApp Launches a Catalog Feature for Small Businesses

Messaging application launched a catalog feature for small , allowing business owners to create a mobile storefront that shows off the items and/or services they have available.

Owners and managers can create a catalog for their business by going to the Business Settings section of the WhatsApp Business app and tapping “.” From there, they can add individual products or services one at a time, and add pictures, a description, pricing information and more to each one.

Once a catalog has been created, potential customers can view it and learn more about the business’s offerings without having to message the business directly or leave the WhatsApp platform to visit the business’s website.

When a customer does reach out to a business through a WhatsApp conversation, businesses can answer questions or recommend products by pulling listings from their catalog into the chat, rather than sending pictures and typing descriptions from scratch each time.

Currently, the catalog feature is available in the WhatsApp Business app on iOS and Android devices for users in the U.S., the U.K., Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Mexico, though it will be available worldwide in the future.


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