WhatsApp is Getting a Useful Voice Message Feature

is rolling out a brand new update for voice messages, notifications, and profile pictures. The update will roll out to iPhone users on iOS 15 first and then it will make its way to Android as well.

WhatsApp version 22.2.75 for iOS will improve voice messages for everyone. The update will add the ability to pause a voice message while recording it and there will also be a play/resume toggle, instead of the lone “stop recording” square button. This has been in the testing phase since October last year and it is finally rolling out to iPhones around the globe.

WhatsApp will finally get proper support for Focus Mode as well. Focus Mode on iPhones allows you to block notifications from certain apps, but with the new WhatsApp update, selected users will still be able to message you while Focus Mode is on.

Last but not the least, message notifications will also include the profile photos of your contacts. This has been a thing on Android for a while already, but iPhone users are finally getting it with version 22.2.75.

In the future, Meta plans to add even more features to WhatsApp such as message reactions similar to Skype, Discord, Instagram, and others.

These features will roll out over the upcoming weeks but iPhone users should make sure to update to the latest iOS version to get the update.

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