Windows 11 New Calibration Tool for HDR Monitors

Microsoft has been working on a calibration for HDR screens on Windows 11, so HDR content looks as intended on PCs. Now the company has finally delivered, as the long-awaited calibration tool has finally been released.

The Windows HDR app, which was announced almost a year ago, is now finally available to download. The HDR Calibration tool lets you properly calibrate your HDR-capable display so that when you’re playing HDR content, colors look their best and you don’t see any overly bright or dark spots in your display.
All you need to do is fire up the tool, see the patterns it gives you, and tweak settings until those patterns are no longer visible.

HDR and laptops are not on everyone’s desks just yet, but they’re becoming increasingly common. And if you have one, you probably want to enjoy it to the fullest if you’re watching a movie or a new season of a show on your music streaming service of choice.

You can download the HDR Tool from the Microsoft Store right now. It’s not included with the standard Windows 11 installation, but it could be included as an actual option in Settings in a future update.

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