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  • YouTube Music is adopting a bi-weekly update schedule to new features and functionality.
  • Some of the first changes coming down the pipeline include SD card , a way to select audio quality while streaming or downloading music, and an improved user interface.

When Google released the new YouTube Music streaming service, many complained that essential features were missing and functionality was limited. While Google has been hard at work making the service more complete, things are still missing. In a recent interview with Engadget, the company stated that it’s moving to a two-week update schedule which should help speed things up.

Two of the most-requested features that YouTube Music has received since launching in May was the ability to save music to SD cards and change the audio quality while streaming or downloading songs. As such, YouTube Music is adding SD card support in an update rolling out now and plans to add a low, medium, or high quality setting to the mobile app in the coming weeks.

Elias Roman, a product manager for YouTube Music, told Engadget that the company is working to improve the platform’s user interface. Part of this initiative included the removal of the “shared history” feature which showed previously played content from both YouTube Music and the primary YouTube service. A new feature that will allow users to sort albums by more than just the date they were added to the user’s library is on the company’s roadmap.

Roman also stated that the team isn’t trying to work with any artists to produce exclusive content for the service. While something like this would likely drive more customers to the platform, YouTube Music doesn’t believe this type of behavior is good for the music industry.

The first time we saw the YouTube Music team mention the inclusion of SD card support and audio quality settings was early last month on its support forums. But in addition to those, the service also announced that it was working on Android Auto support, Sonos support, and a more obvious shuffle vs. play-in-order option for playlists. Hopefully, these will be included in future updates.

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