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Amazon recently unveiled Alexa for Hospitality, a specialized version of its digital assistant designed for hotel rooms and concierge tasks. With Alexa for Hospitality, users can call the front desk, order room service, or find a local business, according to the product page.

For business travelers, Alexa for Hospitality could eventually provide a more personal stay. According to the product page, users will eventually be able to link their personal Amazon account to the in-room Alexa, granting them the ability to listen to their audiobooks or call personal contacts. This could make it easier for business professionals to stay connected with their team while on the road.

The hosting hotel could also benefit from such an integration, if it had access to data on how the guests used Alexa. For example, if users are routinely ordering more towels, the hotel could learn from that information and regularly issue more towels to hopefully improve the customer experience.

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Additionally, if Alexa could answer simple questions about check-out times, or point guests to good local restaurants, it could save the front desk from having to take time out to answer those questions.

In addition to helping with checkout and ordering toiletries, users can also ask Alexa to schedule a visit from housekeeping or call the front desk for a more in-depth question. Hotels can also create their own custom Alexa skills for further customer experience improvements.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are playing an increasingly important role in a variety of industries, especially hospitality. Certain Japanese hotels, for example, are run almost entirely by robots—including a robot T-Rex.

According to the product page, Alexa for Hospitality “works with most hospitality software solutions,” which may mean that it features some functional integrations. Businesses must order Eco devices in bulk through their Alexa for Business account. Multiple devices can be provisioned at the same time through a central console, the page said.

“Our console allows you to specify device settings like volume, check device state, and remotely reset devices to prepare for the next guest,” according to the product page. “We can even connect you with trusted solution providers to provide professional support with your implementation.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Amazon has launched Alexa for Hospitality, a custom version of Alexa geared toward improving the customer experience for hotel guests.
  • Alexa for Hospitality is an example of how IoT will benefit both the consumer and the business, providing valuable data and insights.

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