Alexa speech recognition sucks and AIVA is much better!

I downloaded the for windows app to compare it to my AIVA virtual assistant using some basic commands and I am not bragging when I say AIVA beats Alexa hands down.

After several attempts to just get Alexa to find info on acetaminophen side effects Alexa just kept telling me she was having trouble and try later or didn’t understand.

That is something any virtual assistant should be able to handle flawlessly.

Using AIVA all I have to do is say the word and it doesn’t even matter if I know how to spell it or even say it incorrectly as long as I am in the ballpark AIVA recognition understands and gives me instant results on any of several search engines including Google, Wiki and Bing.

AIVA also gives me visual feedback of what it is I said in the event I was way off on what was interpreted. That is extremely helpful if you are half asleep or tend to slur your words when you speak as I sometimes do.

I am going to do a lot of comparison testing between AIVA and Alexa and see how they stack up and if you have Alexa go ahead and do a comparison of the recognition and speed of searches yourself and tell me what you think is better.

Here is my AIVA demo and many new features coming in update:

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