Artificial Intelligence can predict your personality by scanning eyes, study | AI

I wouldn’t trust their classifier too much (like the authors of the paper mention), though the intent of the research seems to be more of a proof-of-concept rather than an accurate predictor (like the news article makes it out to be).

Some indicators for reliability:

They had 42 subjects, trained on 32 on them, validated on 5 and tested on 5. (They appear to have used K-Fold cross validation, but I might be mistaken)

Their classifier performs better than random on most (5 out of 7) types, but their top scoring personality type prediction still has an F1-score of below 0.5 (0.33 being ‘random guessing’ and 1 being perfect). On two personality types their classifier scored worse than random.

They’ve also used 207 different (likely highly correlated) features without dimension reduction to train a random forest of 100 trees.

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