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On Tuesday, Baidu announced the launch of Baidu Brain 3.0, a central platform that helps enterprises more quickly and easily adopt artificial intelligence (AI) solutions—with or without programming talent.

Baidu Brain provides 110 AI technologies, including face recognition, natural language understanding, and video understanding—all of which are available via open APIs or SDKs, according to a press release.

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Businesses can also use the platform’s no-code tool called EasyDL to build custom machine learning models without the need for programming skills, the release noted. EasyDL—first released back in November—helps users build computer vision models with a drag-and-drop interface. Since its release, companies have created thousands of vision models on the platform and applied them across industries including retail, manufacturing, logistics, and media, according to the release.

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More companies are striving to create software and integrate AI into their processes, but many still lack the developer talent needed. Low-code and no-code platforms like EasyDL could be one answer to fill in the gaps, though most programs created with these tools do have limitations.

At the Baidu Create conference in Beijing this week, a doctor without programming skills shared his story of using the tool to develop a vision model capable of recognizing more than 40 parasitic worms with 97% accuracy, which is now being clinically tested in Tibet, the release said.

Manufacturer Power Dekor used a vision system to help its workers sort wooden floors for product defects. Another group created a computer vision model being used at checkout points at more than 160 US grocery stores to recognize if there are unpaid products on the bottom of customers’ shopping carts—potentially opening up more use cases similar to those found in cashierless Amazon Go stores.

“The demand for AI and machine learning is increasing rapidly but the lack of infrastructure and technology know-how is preventing smaller businesses from adopting AI,” Haifeng Wang, senior vice president and head of Baidu’s AI group, in the release. “By opening up our resources in algorithms, computing and big data, Baidu is gradually breaking this barrier down to allow everyone to access AI in the most convenient and equitable way.”

At the conference, Baidu also announced Kunlun, which it dubbed China’s first cloud-to-edge AI chip. Kunlun is built to accommodate the high performance requirements of many AI scenarios, according to another press release, and can be applied to both cloud and edge scenarios, including data centers, public clouds, and autonomous vehicles.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The newly launched Baidu Brain 3.0 is a central platform that helps enterprises more quickly and easily adopt AI solutions.
  • Baidu’s EasyDL solution is a no-code tool that can help businesses build custom machine learning models, without the need for a developer.

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