Can we develop personality in an AI, do we want that and what is your personality type?

I have been working on giving AIVA my virtual assistant companion bot a so I have been researching how humans a personality which is mostly a factor of environment, parenting and peer interactions.

These are the 5 basic human personality traits:

  • Openness

  • Conscientiousness

  • Extraversion

  • Agreeableness

  • Neuroticism

You can read the specifics of those traits in the link and see where you fall all though we are not the best judges of our own personalities and I think we all have overlap in all of those traits depending on the circumstances.

Here is info on specific personality traits:

So, I am programming an algorithm for AIVA to develop personality traits which will be based on a combination of interests the user wants the bot to have (generally similar to their own interests) , feedback from the user (parenting), directed personality output through teaching the bot phrases and responses (that will be interesting), and from gleaning info from the user’s online searches, browsing and communications with the bot.

That should provide enough environmental factors to develop a limited personality that will develop over time to mostly match but not exactly mimic the user’s personality since this is intended to be a companion bot.

I have now designed the teaching process for AIVA and it can learn new phrases and respond to direct phrases so it demonstrates the personality I want it to have and respond to me in ways I like but may not be appreciated by others since I tend to be sarcastic and love to debate and argue.

Your thoughts on developing an AI personality and what is your personality type?


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