Casual dining chains counter sagging sales with virtual assistants, AI | Artificial intelligence

are leaving few technology stones unturned in the push to jumpstart their ailing businesses. Now on the menu: anything from ordering pancakes via assistants to bartenders that tailor cocktails using a splash of intelligence ().

Dine Brands Global, owner of U.S. restaurant brands IHOP and Applebees, is testing technologies that enable consumers to order from their homes by speaking to Google software or from their cars via General Motors’ and Chevy’s head units. Meanwhile, TGI Fridays is using AI and machine (ML) to help mix drinks and target consumers with highly personalized offers.

These digital-based moves come as across most longstanding U.S.-based casual dining chains have softened over the past decade, thanks to shifting consumer preferences for fast-casual dining and newer, novel chains and independents.

OK, Google: Order IHOP

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