Deepcore collaborates with Zeroth to hunt early stage AI opportunities | Artificial intelligence

Submissions should generally be about and its applications. If you think your submission could be of interest to the community, feel free to post it.

Please note that just because something else is a technology buzzword (e.g. blockchain, quantum computing, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.), that doesn’t automatically make it . We’ve had such a problem with blockchain posts that they will now need to be manually approved by a mod before they become visible. If your post is primarily about another technology (like blockchain), please make the relation to abundantly and immediately clear (e.g. through writing a comment).

All submissions are moderated through “collaborative filtering” approach. To help better align content with the expectations of the audience and improve the quality of the subreddit, submissions that receive overall negative feedback may be removed.

Submission titles should clearly indicate what the submission is about. In the case of link posts, they should almost always contain the title of the thing you’re linking to. Don’t make up your own clickbait title, and if the original title is clickbait, please add some nuance of your own. For example, if the link you want to post is to an article called “You won’t believe what AI did this time!”, then 1) consider if it’s really a quality article, and 2) create a title like this: “You won’t believe what AI did this time! (A neural network gets superhuman performance on )”.

When posting about a story, please look on the front page if it is already being discussed. If so, consider replying there instead of making a new submission to the subreddit. If not, please make some effort to post the best link to the story you can find (often this is the story from the original source, rather than some outlet repeating what someone else already reported).

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Consider doing a little research before posting a link, opinion or question. For link posts, consider writing a submission statement: a comment that describes what the link is about, why you posted it, what you’d like to discuss, and/or what you think about it.

We are not a subreddit for advertising or self-promotion. As a general rule, don’t post links to your company or commercial product. Also don’t spam us with blog posts or videos that you’ve made, especially if you have any advertising. It’s okay to ask for feedback on such things, and if your submissions are very well received and spark interesting discussion, you may continue to make them.

Do not personally attack other people (here or elsewhere; including e.g. researchers you disagree with). If you see someone do this (e.g. to you), use the report button and do not retaliate. If you disagree with anything, stick to the arguments.

Deepcore collaborates with Zeroth to hunt early stage AI opportunities | Artificial intelligence 1

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