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From April 9-13, the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons met for the second time to work towards a treaty on lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS). Throughout the week, states and civil society gave statements and presented working papers (including China and the US) about their stances on LAWS. Nearly every nation agreed that it is important to retain human control over autonomous weapons, but many disagreed about the definition of “meaningful human control.”

During the week, the group of nations that explicitly endorse banning LAWS expanded to 26, as China, Austria, Colombia, and Djibouti joined during the negotiations. However, five states explicitly rejected moving to negotiate new international law on fully autonomous weapons: France, Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The UN CCW is slated to resume discussions in August 2018, however, given the speed with which autonomous weaponry is advancing, many advocates worry that they are moving too slowly.

You can find written and video recaps from each day of the UN CCW meeting here, written by Reaching Critical Will. And if you want to learn more about the technological, political, and social developments of autonomous weapons, check out the Research & Reports page on autonomousweapons.org. You can find relevant news stories and updates at @AIweapons on Twitter and autonomousweapons on Facebook

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