Future of AI in Radiology Discussed in Chicago Breakfast Briefing

Paul J. Chang, M.D., FSIIM, professor and vice-chairman of informatics at the University of School of Medicine will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) will improve the field of and patient outcomes. This is part of a series of regional AI breakfast briefings hosted by AIMed, a collaborative group that is working to bring various subspecialties together to expand the use of AI to improve medicine.

The event is Tuesday, April 9, 2019, from 8-10 a.m. CDT, at the Gleacher Center, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Room 300, Lounge 350, located at 450 Cityfront Plaza Dr. in Chicago.

Creating a collaborative ecosystem and robust infrastructure is important to enable AI to improve the field of and patient outcomes.
Artificial Intelligence has the power to truly transform radiological practice. The benefits of machine learning and deep neural networks in identifying disease earlier and more accurately is irrefutable. The integration of this technology at scale is, however, more challenging. How do we invest in building the necessary frameworks to validate these tools in the clinical setting? How do we ensure we are working in unison as an industry and not in a siloed and duplicative fashion. How do we ensure we maintain physician oversight/domain expertise when these tools are being developed?

  • Topics to be discussed will include
    · The need for unbiased Ground Truth Data
    · Overhaul of IT infrastructure within the healthcare system at large.
    · Patient privacy/protection issues
    · Develop comprehensive partnerships between clinicians with the vendor community to develop         tools of clinical utility and usability
    · How do we speed up research without putting scientific integrity at risk. Is there a hybrid model?
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