Google’s Artificial Intelligence voice assistant ‘Duplex’ to run a call centre? | Artificial Intelligence

The advancement with Duplex is really WaveNet and really able to offer WaveNet at scale which is where the TPUs come in.

WaveNet uses a deep neural network at 16k cycles a second to create the voice.

But the problem is that you are competing with methods that are far less compute intensive. So how to you offer at a reasonable price? Or able to offer the world Duplex for free?

That is where the TPUs come in.

Here is the WaveNet paper.

Really the voice is also what freaked out people more than anything else. It is a very different thing when an automated system no longer sounds like an automated system. When you can’t tell the difference from a human it creates an unusual emotion in many people.

I am not subject to it and just think it is cool. But seen it across the world right after Google did the first Duplex demo.

On the enterprise using it really depends if Google wants to offer. Google is a funny company like that. Google often times is not driven by normal business drivers. Google over the last 10 quarters had over 20% growth and last reported quarter 26%. But the company is also completely controlled by Page and Brin and really not accountable to shareholders. They have different classes of shares which makes it so Page and Brin can’t be fired (Lose control of the board). So Google can really do whatever they think is interesting and often times what they do. Just turns out those things also make a lot of money.

Another great example is Google giving away so much IP. Nobody does that as usually considered poor business. Giving away Map/Reduce, BigTable, Borg and Omega (K8S), GFS, HTTP2/SPDY, and so many other things. Helping their competitors.

Google has created tons of IP and NEVER charged a single cent of royalty for anything used. Not a single cent. Heck MS extorts money out of Android OEMs to the tune of over $5 per handset. Yet Google gets zero.

“Why Microsoft Makes $5 to $15 From Every Android Device Sold”

Why I think this language that MS has changed so humerus. Stop using patents as a weapon and extorting money and then I will consider that you have changed. Until that happens please stop trying to sell this idea you have changed. You are as bad as you were 20 years ago. Just without the power that you use to have.

Amazon uses Android for almost every piece of hardware they sell. Google gets $0. But then Amazon turns around and sells those devices and bans every company on their market place from being allowed to sell a competing Google product. Not just Amazon does not want to sell but they ban every company from being allowed to sell the competing Google products and on top Amazon hijacks searches for people looking for the Google products.

Yet Google keeps giving them Android. Yes I get it is OSS but Google could still easily do things to make it hard for Amazon yet they do not. Amazon is a top search result in search when looking for a product. Normal companies just do not allow such things. But Google does and still has the incredible growth.

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