How to keep bias out of your AI models

in artificial intelligence (AI) is hugely controversial these days. From image classifiers that label people’s faces improperly to hiring bots that discriminate against women when screening candidates for a job, AI seems to inherit the worst of human practices when trying to automatically replicate them.

The risk is that we will use AI to create an army of racist, sexist, foul-mouthed bots that will then come back to haunt us. This is an ethical dilemma. If AI is inherently biased, isn’t it dangerous to rely on it? Will we end up shaping our worst future?

Machines will be machines

Let me clarify one thing first: AI is just a machine. We might anthropomorphize it, but it remains a machine. The process is not dissimilar from when we play with stones at the lake with our kids, and suddenly, a dull run-of-the-mill stone becomes a cute pet stone.

Even when playing with your kids, we generally do not forget that a pet stone, however cute, is still just a stone. We should do the same with AI: However humanlike its conversation or its look, we should not forget that it still is just a machine.


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