Ilya Sutskever says OpenAI Five bot is like a honeybee brain in terms its number of FLOPS. | Artificial intelligence

In the recent keynote talk at NVIDIA NTECH 2018, OpenAI co-founder Ilya Suskever explained about their Dota2 bot OpenAI Five. He said the main part of its RL policy is implemented by a 4,000 dimensional LSTM network, which has roughly 100 million (10^9) parameters .He also said that in terms of Flops, it is like a brain.

Here is what I thought about after hearing that:

・According to Wikipedia, honeybee has 100 million (10^9) synapses. This means the OpenAI Dota2 bot has roughly the same number of parameters as honeybee brain (Assumption: real synapse weight can be represented by 1 Byte of memory, which is often the case in neural network systems ).

・In order to have the same Flops/s with the same number of parameters, the clock speeds of the two systems (honeybee brain and OpenAI Five LSTM) should also be the same.

・Therefore, a good modern hardware (a single GPU) is as much powerful as doing a realtime simulation of a insect brain.

・It is intriguing to compare the OpenAI bot and honeybee in terms of . If the former is more intelligent, it suggests that modern machine learning algorithm is more capable than natural selection at turning a certain size of parameters into intelligence.

・Now think about more bigger parameters, like mice brain or even cat brain. It is probable that the the same algorithm can turn them into super-mice or super-cat intelligence.

・We cannot do that experiment today because of hardware limitation.

・TLRD; today’s algorithms are maybe possible to produce AGI provided several orders of magnitude (like 10^3~10^6 times) better hardwares

What do you think???

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