Is Algorithmic Intelligence Different from Human Intelligence? 4 of 4 | Tech News

Some algorithms do better than humans. There is table planning software and data sets, that are far too complex, for a single human brain to work it. On the other hand we are good at “being human”: We have no issue with differentiating between background noise, and human voices. We recognize faces in a flash. We make witty jokes. We catch footballs, while looking into a mirror. All that is still very hard for AI. Emotional intelligence will be very hard to conquer, if not impossible, due to our emotions being related to our biology and functional structure.

But if we go by Turing’s definition of intelligence, then algorithmic intelligence, or machine intelligence, is no different from human intelligence, the moment a machine tricks a human into believing it is communicating with a human intelligence. Physical appearance and functional structure shouldn’t matter for hosting intelligence. Who knows, in the near future, this answer might be given by an algorithmic intelligence, and you’d be just the wiser.

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