RaySearch to Demonstrate Machine Learning Capabilities at RSNA 2019

RaySearch operates at the cutting edge of technological innovation in the healthcare industry. The Swedish MedTech company will be present at RSNA 2019 to demonstrate machine learning and automation capabilities of its treatment planning and oncology information systems.

Machine learning capabilities in RayStation

RayStation is an innovative treatment planning system chosen by many of the leading cancer centers in the world. The system uses a classical machine learning method based on random forest for automatic plan generation, and deep neural networks (DNN) for organ segmentation. The first-ever patient treatments generated using machine learning in RayStation took place in May 2019, less than 12 months after the rollout of latest version. The system received FDA 510(k) clearance in July 2019.

Putting ecosystem thinking in practice

The latest version of RayStation comes with updates and improvements offer for many of the leading cancer treatment machines available on the market. The goal is to actively avoid silos in the healthcare industry and harmonize treatment planning to enable better care for cancer patients worldwide.

RayCare is designed to enhance efficiency

The oncology information system RayCare offers users a workspace with a personalized overview and simplified management of tasks, messages and appointments. As different clinical decision points are reached during the treatment planning process, RayCare can tailor workflows accordingly. The latest version introduces RayCare Flow, a feature package designed to optimize the treatment planning process by providing automated task management for all steps in the workflow.

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Flexible virtual simulation with Canon Medical

Together with our industry partner Canon Medical, RaySearch will demo its ongoing work to develop support for brachytherapy* planning and chemotherapy* prescriptions. This is a highly flexible and efficient workflow tool for virtual simulations. Demos can be booked at the RaySearch or Canon Medical booths.

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