Tech Skeptics Need to Face Their Fears and Embrace AI | Artificial intelligence

Tech Need to Face Their and Artificial Intelligence

This article says without AI, your company will fall behind. Currently, there are brands that are still wary of incorporating AI into their customer relations strategies. They say they’re skeptics, but the author says they’re ignorant. Further arguments mention how AI is a tool needed for cohesive brand messaging and higher employee satisfaction.

“For every reason that social media currently fails as a customer engagement tool, AI can help it succeed. With AI, there’s no need to worry about disgruntled emotions eventually making their way onto the corporate Twitter timeline. There’s no fear that someone will take a joke too far in a customer chat or use language that could be seen as offensive, appropriative or just plain unhelpful. Even better, your AI agent will always know the answer to customer questions because it has a perfect memory.”

Do you see any downsides though? Perhaps communication, production and customer relations are more machine-dependent and less, -centric. And what about the trust issues?

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