Using Artificial Intelligence to Treat Addiction – Tech News| Tech News

In recent years, artificial intelligence has taken us further than most of us could have dreamed, and it’s being utilized in industries that never before imagined. Doesn’t it feel like we’re getting to the point where someone wants to apply AI to every facet of our social and professional lives? So it makes sense that utilizing the potential of AI would reach a hotly discussed but woefully unaddressed issue in societies across the planet: substance abuse and addiction. Here are just a few of the many ways AI is making it easier to treat addiction.

Predicting Risk of Relapse

Among the abundance of apps geared towards help those suffering from addiction is Addicaid, which was created by fellow recovering addict Sam Frons. The app combines artificial intelligence with clinical research to predict when a person may be at risk for a relapse. Addicaid will also offer up treatment suggestions. For example, if the app detects a recovering alcoholic has gone to a bar, it will immediately share phone numbers they can call or strategies they can use in that moment to avoid a relapse.