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Technology is like a universe. The more you explore, the more amazing it gets. There are lakhs of innovations welcomed every year. There are millions of companies ranging from small scale to large scale in the field of technology. Some technologies are becoming extremely popular among users and developers that soon these technologies are going to capture the whole world. One of these technologies is Artificial intelligence.

As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is machine working smartly. Applying a brain into machines that can enable them to take decisions by themselves is the core meaning and purpose of artificial intelligence. In this blog, we are going to learn in detail some of the exciting facts about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is developed to offer users experience with the machine just like they would have had with humans. These machines and software that use artificial intelligence treat and behave like humans and interact like them too.

App development companies use artificial intelligence to solve problems and deliver a quicker solution to end users. Just the way humans need time and experience to grow up mentally, artificial intelligence also needs the same. When a baby touches a cooking vessel, the data is stored in his mind that is hurts and not to repeat it. Similarly, artificial intelligence works. It keeps growing with the experiences, it stores data and applies it in future whenever necessary. AI is extremely complicated to learn & implement but very easy to use.

Before heading towards, let us learn some facts about AI and some stats too:

  • 15% enterprises around the globe are working on artificial intelligence. 31% of enterprises are willing to start utilizing AI at the end of the year 2018.
  • According to a report generated by Adobe, the job requirement in AI has increased by 450% since the year 2013.
  • AI is the most significant technology trend considered by most of the big brands in technology.
  • Millions of mobile app development companies and software development companies are considering AI as a vital part of their apps and software.
  • According to a report generated by IDC, global sending on AI will be 50.1% by the year 2021 reaching $57.6 billion.
  • Companies will invest heavily in artificial tools that will help them offer better services to the end users.
  • 38% of end users believe that artificial intelligence will improve customer service.
  • 34% of end users will spend more money on apps and online shopping because of artificial intelligence.
  • These are the industries that make maximum and proper use of AI- Healthcare, Gaming, Automobile.

Let us see the trends in artificial intelligence:

1. Speech Recognition- Do you enjoy Siri? Siri is a voice recognition technique. Just like Siri, Google has brought in competition Google Assistant. These sound recognition technologies can fetch data from your voice and process it and offer you specific output.

2. AI optimized hardware- Hardware is made much friendlier with the help of artificial intelligence. Devices are now specifically designed and developed to match the AI technology. In future, the concept is to bring devices with AI chips that can be added in the portable devices. Users will be able to locate and access these devices from anywhere.

3. Machine learning platforms- Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It enables computers to learn machines. The algorithm, particular tools, big data, application programming interface, are provided to gain more popularity in machine learning. Some famous companies that work on machine learning platforms are Amazon, Google, Microsoft.

4. Biometrics- Biometrics are used to recognize human individuals. It analyzes human behavior as well as physical aspects of the human body’s structure. It enables machines to interact more naturally with humans. These interactions are related to touch, picture, voice, and body language recognition. Some of the famous biometric companies that are working hard on artificial intelligence are Affectiva, Agnitio, 3VR, FaceFirst, Sensory, Synqera and Tahzoo

5. Cyber defense- Do you know how dangerous cyber attacks can be? Every year, thousands of companies face a loss of millions of dollars due to cyber attacks. Cyber attacks usually capture essential data of users and companies and encrypt it. To return decrypted data, these hackers charge money. Artificial intelligence is helping cyber crime police around the globe to overcome this problem.

6. Emotion recognition- Artificial intelligence uses advanced image processing or audio data processing to read the emotions on human’s face. These micro-expressions are captured that betrays a person’s feelings. This trend will bring a wide range of mobile applications for end users. Apple is now going to use this technology that will enable users to unlock their smartphone’s screen by turning on the camera and making a particular facial expression.

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There are two types of artificial intelligence:

This type of artificial intelligence includes interpreting video feeds, organizing personal as well as business calendars, answering simple customer queries, identifying tumors in x-rays.

The general artificial intelligence is the type of adaptable intellect identified in humans. It involves the significant amount of physical tasks. It is an ongoing process and hasn’t yet introduced to the market for end users.


Artificial intelligence is a broad term and has many sub-branches like machine learning, voice recognition, image recognition, etc. Along with these extraordinary features, AI is undoubtedly going to offer much more ease in daily work for users, and almost every problematic, the time-consuming task will be done with perfection in less time.

AI also has some cons! Letting a device talk to another all by themselves without human command can create a higher risk. As happened in the year 2017, when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attempted AI, it failed drastically. The two robots started communicating with each other in a new language. They formed a whole new language in few minutes. Hence, the government of all countries including the United States of America has applied specific strict rules for the experiments of AI and its usage. Also, it is costly.

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