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You’d think that by now we’d have got rid of cables. Nope! We’re still cursing the various incompatible formats for our many devices. But the signs are – poor electrical pun ahead – positive.

Wireless charging is widespread in Android and has finally made it to iPhones, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s in all our mobile devices; the thick cabling that made VR headsets so cumbersome is on the way out as wireless becomes the norm; and WiTricity reckons wireless charging for cars is about to reach a tipping point.

The big benefit of wireless isn’t getting rid of cables at home, but rather on the road – it’s enabling you to get frequent top-ups when you park so that range anxiety is no longer an issue. The more electric cars that take to our roads, the more useful wireless charging will become.

Wireless charging also helps address the big worry of our time: battery fear. Whether it’s a phone or a car, worrying about running out of puff is something we all experience all the time, partly because battery tech isn’t improving as quickly as things-that-use-batteries tech is. Widespread wireless charging won’t make battery chemistry any different, but it will enable us to top up here, there and everywhere.

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