Eight Years of Identifying Unknown Callers,How Truecaller App Works?

Remember the first time, when you had installed App on your phone, how good you had felt by identifying that annoying unknown number. For some people, It’s like a magic that identifies the unknown calls before receiving them.

The journey of the App was started back in 2009. The App received a massive success of 10,000 downloads in just one week. At that time, the Truecaller’s database was limited and so was unable to identify each and every number. But with time, everything has improved. Now, this app can identify most of the unknown calls in the World. Not only calls, it can also block spam calls and SMS.

Truecaller App is based on the concept of Crowd Sourcing. Crowd Sourcing is a process of gathering data from multiple sources and then using it for some useful means. When someone installs Truecaller on their phone, the entire phone book of that person gets synced with Truecaller’s Server. It means the 100 million users who have installed Truecaller in their smartphones have surrendered their phone book to Truecaller. After going through several data matching/refining algorithms, this data is made available to all Truecaller users to search upon.

If we look at it simply, the entire process is based on giving and taking. The user who wants information of unknown number must have to submit his saved contacts to Truecaller. The Truecaller app allows users to sign in using their phone number where as if you use Truecaller’s website, you have to sign in using your Google account or Hotmail by allowing them to manage your contacts.


So, basically, the whole story is based on the large database that Truecaller has built in these eight . Truecaller uses one’s phone book to help other and vice-versa and that’s why people see casual names instead of full names. Suppose my friend has Truecaller installed and saved my number as “Subham” or “bro” or “Subham Kaps”. Then when I call someone who doesn’t have my number, he will see any of these three names instead of my full name – “Subham Kapiswe”.

There are lots of other technologies based on Crowd sourcing like Google Maps Live Traffic. So, there’s nothing wrong or insecure in using Truecaller.

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