Here’s how to turn off camera shutter sound on your Android phone

Most phones come with a little automatic clicking noise whenever you take a picture with the camera. If this feature drives you crazy — and we don’t blame you — or if you really need a silent photo for another reason, you can it off. Learn how to turn off the camera shutter on your phone as we walk you through a few easy methods.

Note: The camera shutter sound is a legal requirement in some countries, like South Korea, to reduce the risk of people taking photos without consent. 

Master volume settings

Most Android phones have physical master volume buttons on the side. These buttons control all volume on the phone, not just the volume related to calls or music. If you want a very fast way to disable shutter click sounds, these master buttons are your best option.

Step 1: Tap the volume down button while watching the screen. Once the volume is all the way down, the volume will switch to a vibrate mode, and then — if pressed again –most models will make your phone totally silent. Either vibrate or full silence should mute the shutter noise.

Again, this option should work with almost every Android phone or tablet, including Samsung, LG, and Google Pixel phones. But you still have to remember to restore volume again when you are done taking pictures, so it’s not a permanent solution.

Turning off the shutter sound directly

If you dislike all shutter sounds and want them off forever, but also want to hear all the other sounds on your phone, there is a more direct option in camera settings.

Step 1: Head to your phone’s main menu and select the Camera icon, as if you were going to take a picture.Android Camera Settings

Step 2: Head to your camera settings. This is typically represented by a gear icon in the upper right corner of the camera app.Shutter Sound Setting

Step 3: Scroll down in your camera settings until you find an option that says Shutter sound, Camera sounds, or something similar. Note that the interface may look a little different on your Android, depending on the phone, and OS version you have, but this is another setting that the majority of Android phones have. We used a Samsung Galaxy to provide shots for this guide.

Step 4: Toggle the Shutter sound option to off. This will permanently disable any shutter click sounds until you decide to toggle it on again.

Temporarily turning off shutter sound (Samsung models)

This method works well if you will be taking camera photos for the next hour or two and don’t want the irritation of the shutter sound going off all the time — but after that, you won’t care as much and would prefer that sound to switch back on. This method works with Samsung phones and may not be present on all Android models, though alternative methods exist for phones like the Google Pixel.Galaxy Volume Button

Step 1: Head to your phone menu and swipe down from the top to open up the settings and notifications menu. Here, look for the volume icon, a megaphone-like design (this icon will have a slash through it if sounds are currently disabled).

Step 2: Press and hold the volume icon until it opens a menu for sound mode. This is a master volume shortcut window that allows you to switch between sound and vibrate. However, it’s the third option that you’re looking for — the option that says Mute.

Step 3: Select Mute and look for the Temporary Mute option that should be directly below it. Make sure that Temporary Mute is also toggled on.

Step 4: An option will now open that will allow you to select how long you want the mute to last in hours. Select the time frame that works best for you, and all sound will be muted for that duration. Many people like to use this option for important meetings and events, but it’s also a great choice if you’re going to be doing a lot of photography with your phone and don’t want to hear that shutter sound.

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