How Color Affects Marketing And Branding Design?

Color is a very powerful psychological tool- it stimulates the mind and can attract a lot of attention. Suffice to say, colors strongly influence sales, branding, and the general corporate image of a business. As such, business owners should understand color impacts on their marketing strategies, target audience, and the ultimate branding design. Choosing the right color spectrum can go a long way in luring consumers to consider your brand when making purchases. Research has it that majority of customers make product judgments based on color alone. To that end, every business owner should pay a little more attention to color physiology as a strong branding and marketing tool.

Does Color Really Affect Marketing and Branding Design?

Of course, choosing the right color can make your brand stand out in a sea of other products. Use canon ink for the highest quality color rendition that will distinguish your product from the rest. This ink also makes prints that last a lifetime, thus saving you the time and costs involved.

Now, before settling on a particular hue, consider the possible customer reactions. Only then can you be sure of the color appropriateness as a branding and marketing tool. The following are some common ways in which choosing the right shade can positively influence your branding and marketing design.

The Right Color Clearly Defines Your Brand Personality

There is so much that a color can do to your brand. Research has it that your product’s color can influence 60 to 70 percent of consumers purchasing decisions. Besides, certain colors are said to align with specific traits and emotions. As such, business owners should be keen on choosing a color that aligns with the attributes they want to depict about their business. There are five dimensions of brand personalities; they include:

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Competence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

While some business models may sometimes cross between two or more personalities, they tend to have one primary trait that dominates them.

The Right Color Appeals to the Audience in a Special Way

Start by having a clear idea of your target audience it will help you create deliberate marketing strategies with their best interests at heart. One simple way to appeal to your customers is by using a color that best fits your business. Also, some customer factors, including gender, age, and cultural perception, strongly affect color preference and perception. For instance, when it comes to gender, men tend to respond more positively to bolder colors, while women typically prefer softer colors.

The Right Color plus the best marketing team Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Our brains love shortcuts, and as such, they prefer easily recognizable brands. According to research, consumers can easily recognize and recall a product better when it stands out from the environment. As a business owner, you need to focus on effective color combinations while paying attention to the background, base, and accent colors. Color alone, however, is not enough. You need a powerful marketing team such as Incify to get your product to levels you have never imagined.

So, which is the Best Color For Branding and Marketing?

Of course, there is no specific profitable or ideal color. Nonetheless, every color plays a huge role in invoking particular memories, emotions, and perceptions.

Challenging Red

Red is a bold color. It is very effective in invoking a sense of urgency, drawing attention, and can cause a lot of excitement. All the same, be careful not to use too much of the red color as it can be rendered annoying.

Harmonic Green

Green is mostly associated with the fullness of life, wealth, good taste, and relaxation. An excess of the green color can increase or decrease the traffic to your website.

Creative Purple

The color purple can be both soothing and mysterious. It is best suited for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Confident Blue

Blue is indeed a bold color. It signifies loyalty, trust, reliability, and competence. The color mostly targets children’s websites and stores selling products for a wide myriad of consumers.

Bold and Elegant Black

The color black mostly depicts luxury and is mostly preferred by men. It is best suited for bright goods combined with an enticing text.

Peace and Freedom Loving White

White depicts peace, order, and simplicity. Press publishers and magazines mostly employ the color white to draw their customers’ attention.

The color or shade you choose for your product has a significant impact on its marketing and branding design. If for offline marketing purposes, then you also need to take care of the printing material and best quality inks like Canon ink, Epson ink, etc. Remember to combine the color with the other product elements, such as a great descriptive name for the best outcome.

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