7 Visual Studio Code extensions you didn’t know you needed

Visual Studio is a terrific software development environment, not only because it has excellent code editing features and language support. Thanks to its rich culture of , it also allows you to perform many supporting tasks besides. You’ll find Visual Studio Code extensions for everything from speedy navigation of the editor to working with data to effortlessly inserting placeholder text and images.

Here are seven extensions that you might not encounter when putting together a development environment for your language of choice or work scenario, but could be extremely useful additions to your toolkit and even part of your daily workflow.


Users of Chrome and Firefox ought to be familiar with the “speed dial” menu displayed by default when you open a blank tab. The Dashboard extension does something similar for Visual Studio Code, allowing you to access your most common projects or workspaces quickly. Projects can be added, edited, removed, or re-ordered freely, and you can use colors, gradients, or emojis to set project buttons apart. If a project is detected as being a Git repository, Dashboard will give it an icon to indicate it.

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