AMD makes first 7 nanometer CPU and GPU and performance competitive with Nvidia


Advanced Micro Devices launched its first 7-nm CPU and at the lucrative target of the data center. The working chips deliver comparable to Intel’s 14-nm Xeon and ’s 12-nm Volta.

AMD is back from the near dead. AMD is with Nvidia and Intel will get a significant market share.

A single 7-nm Epyc x86 processor narrowly beats a system with two Intel Skylake Xeons in a rendering job. AMD benchmarks have the 7-nm Vega GPU on par with a Nvidia V100 in inference tasks.

The existing 14-nm Epyc, launched in May 2017, boosted AMD’s negligible 0.5% share of x86 servers to 1.5%. With its customer relationships now back on track, the 7-nm version could push AMD up to “ single digits” in x86 server market share by mid-2019.

The Zen-based x86 chips have boosted AMD’s share of overall microprocessor units to 9.23% in the second quarter of this year.

AMD continued its proactive use of creative packaging to deliver a lower-cost Epyc. A single module includes up to eight 7-nm processor die linked with AMD’s Infinity fabric to a single 14-nm I/O chip with memory controller. The approach is an extension of the 14-nm Epyc that uses four die on a single package.

AMD is providing a head-to-head alternative to Nvidia’s Volta for machine learning and commercial graphics.

The 7-nm AMD Vega has 13.2 billion transistors. AMD said Vega delivers 25% more performance than the previous 14-nm chip. The high-end MI60 version of it for GPU have 64 compute units, 4,096 streaming , and up to 32 GBytes HBM2 memory as well as support for PCIe Gen 4.

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The AMD chip delivers within 7% of a Nvidia Volta’s performance with less than half the die area.

Vega will deliver 29.5 Tera FP16 operations/second for AI training. In inference jobs, it can hit 59 TOPS for 8-bit integer and 118 TOPS for 4-bit integer tasks.

AMD claims that its 7-nm x86 chips will beat Intel’s 10-nm versions — now expected late next year.

AMD makes first 7 nanometer CPU and GPU and performance competitive with Nvidia 1

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