AMD partner Sapphire reportedly leaks Navi XT and Navi Pro GPUs before launch

AMD is set to announce new technologies and products at its Computex 2019 keynote by none other than AMD President and CEO, Dr Lisa Su. While there have been rumours that the company will be announcing new Ryzen CPUs and the highly awaited Radeon Navi graphics cards, an AMD may have spilled the beans on the .

AMD partner Sapphire reportedly leaks Navi XT and Navi Pro GPUs before launch

Sapphire, one of AMD's biggest graphics card partner, has leaked that AMD will be announcing the Navi XT and Navi Pro graphics card at the keynote. The Navi XT will be taking on NVIDIA's RTX 2070 for $499 whereas the Navi Pro will have performance somewhere in between the NVIDIA RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 for $399.

Both the rumoured cards fall in the mid-range segment, so the Radeon VII will still remain the ultimate flagship GPU for now. The leak also mentions that Sapphire doesn't have any plans to release a non-reference version of the Radeon VII.

The leak came from a Reddit post by user eric98k from an interview with Sapphire Technology Product Manager Leo and Public Relations Director Jenny at AMD 50 Gathering in Chengdu, China. Sapphire also stated that a custom water-cooled versions of the Navi are also planned so that they could be easily overclocked.

AMD's Computex 2019 keynote is scheduled on 27 May and the leak suggests the cards will go on sale on 7 July.

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