AMD launch the third-gen EPYC Xiaolong processor on March 15

’s official website announced on 15th that the company will launch the third-generation Xiaolong server processor at 11:00 on March 15th, US Eastern Time. AMD will hold a press conference for the announcement.

announced the news of the third-generation EPYC Xiaolong processor at the CES 2021. Apparently, the new server will upgrade the Zen3 architecture with 19% IPC performance improvement. As per a few reports, the third-generation of processors is going to be the most powerful x86 server processor in the world.

AMD had launched the first generation of EPYC processor under the code name Naples back in 2017, and the second-generation of the same processor was launched under the codename Rome back in 2019.

The maximum number of cores for Naples was 14nm 32 core Zen, and for Rome, it was 7nm 64 core zen2. The third generation EPYC will be upgraded to 7Nm zen3, with a maximum of 64 cores, 128 threads, 128 pieces of PCI 4.0, and 8-channel DDR4 memory.

The new third-generation EPYC Xiaolong processor reportedly has an increased performance per Watt by 40%. Although there seems to have been a lot of upgrade for the processor, the company has announced the new generation of EPYC Xiaolong processor will still use the AMD Infinity multi-chip fusion design. EPYC 7643 processor’s single-core acceleration frequency is 3.6GHz, full-core acceleration frequency is 3.45GHz which can top Intel’s top server CPU.

As mentioned above, the performance for this processor increased by 19%, and this takes the performance of the processor to a new high. AMD claims that it will be the world’s most powerful x86 server processor in terms of performance per core and throughput. On the other hand, this processor also strengthens important cloud services which will, hopefully, bring the best business value to its customers while at the same time offering better security.

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