Blockchain Investor Vinny Lingham: ‘Bitcoin Threatens Gov’ts’ Ability to Make Money’ | Crypto

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Bockhain entrepreneur and industry advisor Vinny Lingham told Cointelegraph in an interview Oct. 21 that prices will surge again, but it will take some time.

Speaking with CT during the Money20/20 conference Sunday, Lingham – also the CEO of Blockchain identity startup Civic – stated that cryptocurrency markets need time to regain previous volumes, arguing that the market’s priorities have shifted: “Now the world is waiting for utility, when people will actually start to use the cryptocurrencies.”

Lingham also said that globally are poised to push back against Bitcoin (BTC), as “it their ability to make .”

The also added that central bank-issued cryptocurrencies are imminent:

“Every country will issue their own cryptocurrencies. Many countries will. And that will become interesting. And that is going to happen.”

“Sometimes it’s just simple as time,” Lingham concluded the interview.

Back in June 2017, Lingham had made a statement that Bitcoin was “better money” than Ethereum (ETH).

In May 2017, Lingham, made a similar prediction to this week’s, asking the community “to be patient” for Bitcoin’s to grow – which it subsequently did manyfold.

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