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Crypto.Press 2017 & Beyond

Somewhere in the distance the groans of old gears are heard starting up…

Crypto.Press has been a passion project for me for over a year now. As passion projects go, sometimes there is a hiatus when real life rears. Crypto.Press has been on one of those for a few months from a developer stand point. I rationalized it as an experiment for Crypto.Press as it is built to be entirely automated, this would be the first test without training wheels (me). This was back around October of 2016.

Fast forward to now and all in all the system performed well with very little interaction from me.

Before I sent out without training wheels I was nearly ready to launch a massive update that adds historical charts, 2000+ sources for over 250+ coins, Newbie section, A podcast, and support for editorial content. Currently, I have been re-writing the backend to be much faster with the intention to, funds and time provided, set Crypto.Press to be near real time for pricing and news across the web for over 250 different currencies. The updates will roll out, hopefully, a bit faster now that the platform is mostly complete.

As I wrap up other projects I intend to make Crypto.Press a priority and focus 2017 on taking this private project more public and work up to the first official release & business launch sometime later this year.

I have received thousands of positive feedback (mostly via twitter), thank all of you who have taken a look, offered some feedback/support, and are daily users. It keeps the fire burning! To the single anonymous soul who has donated to this site, thank you whoever you are!

A happy 2017 to everyone.

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