Google Chrome “never-slow mode” could significantly speed up web browsing

Google is working on a “never-slow ” feature for its popular Chrome web browser. The new could possibly be coming in a future release and might cut down on technical elements on some web pages in order to speed up web , according to a report from Chromestory.

Though it is believed that the new never-slow mode will not reduce Google Chrome’s overall memory usage, it is intended increase the performance and load times on select web pages. The prototype code for the new mode was spotted in Google’s Chromium open-source project, revealing that it aims to increase the performance on websites which typically load large scripts. Never-slow mode could also enable Google Chrome cut back on the technical elements on web pages like images, stylesheets, scripts, fonts, and long script tasks, according to reporting from ZDNet.

While not publicly available via a flag as of yet, enabling the new mode could also come at the cost of breaking some web pages. “Enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience. WARNING: may silently break content!” explains part of the code.

It would appear that the never-slow mode is still being worked on internally, so it is not certain when a public release will come. There are a multitude of extensions which can already spice up your web browsing by either saving your bandwidth or blocking ads or trackers, but the integrated “never-slow” mode would make browsing easier and lighter for consumers.

Google has consistently worked to make the Chrome browser more efficient and safer for end consumers. Chrome is soon set to give warnings for lookalike URLs in an effort to protect people from going to malicious websites which phish for passwords and other logins. It also helps fight websites which hijack your back button and tab history to generate ad views.

These features are indeed great, but as more get added, that also can increase Chrome’s overall memory utilization when compared to other browsers like Firefox or Microsoft Edge. At any rate, never-slow mode could be the solution for those who are conscious of slow loading web pages.


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