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Looking to rip some music from YouTube, but leave the video behind? There are dozens of different YouTube ripper services out there, and while many of them will get the job done, the ones we’ll cover in this tutorial are arguably the most simple and user-friendly of the bunch.

Please make note: Ripping audio from YouTube is a breach of YouTube’s terms of use. That means Google could ditch your account over it, if it found out and decided to take action. There are ways to access music from YouTube without breaking the rules, such as with Google’s YouTube Red service — so we recommend you consider that first. With that being said, proceed with caution, knowing full well that what you do could get you in some trouble with Google.

Web tools

There are a number of online tools for ripping the audio from YouTube videos, but Y2Mate is our personal favorite. It has an intuitive interface and fast conversion to a variety of formats, including MP3. You can also perform the entire conversion on the same page with no ad pop ups in between.

The only downside is that videos that are over two hours in length can only be converted to the M4A format.

Step 1: Copy your chosen video’s URL from your browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Open a new tab and go to Y2Mate’s homepage. Paste your YouTube URL into the field labeled “Search or paste link here…” select your chosen audio or video format, and click the respective green”Download” button.

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Step 3: That will bring up another download button (it may take a few minutes for a long video conversion) that when clicked will download the audio from your chosen video right there in your browser. Quick and easy.

Desktop application

Online services are great at downloading and converting YouTube videos, but because of YouTube violations, they tend to get taken down from time to time, leaving you trying to find an alternative. Desktop applications don’t have that problem, and our favorite of them all is 4K Video Downloader. Although its name might suggest otherwise, this tool isn’t just for downloading high-quality videos, it can also be used for ripping audio from them too.

It won’t work with YouTube’s live-streaming service, but if you want to learn how to download music from YouTube with a desktop tool, here’s how.

Step 1: Download and install 4K Video Downloader from the official site. Don’t worry about the premium, paid-for versions — you don’t need their features and the free version works just as well.

Step 2: Copy your chosen video’s URL from your browser window and then click the “Paste Link” button — with the “+” icon — in the top-left hand corner of the 4K Video Downloader window.

Step 3: You’ll then be presented with a few options. Click “Download video” and from the resulting drop-down menu, select “Extract Audio.” You can choose a format if you would rather convert it to an M4A or OGG file and decide on its quality based on your own preferences. The bottom bar also lets you choose its download name and location.

Step 4: When ready, click the “Extract” button in the bottom right-hand corner to begin.

Step 5: The progress bar that appears will give you various information like download speed and estimated time remaining. When complete, you can right click, or use the three-dot menu-link on the right-hand side, to open the file’s location, or play it from your preferred player. The video’s audio is now ripped, and you can do with it what you will.

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