How to Turn Off Snap Layouts in Windows 11

In 11, when you hover your mouse over the minimize/maximize button on an app window, you see various Snap layout options. If you find these annoying, you can turn them off, and we’ll show you how.

Snap Layouts is a feature in to quickly move your app windows around. When you hover over the minimize/maximize button on an app window and select a layout from the menu, your app window follows that layout and changes its position on the screen.

This pop-up overlay is certainly not for everyone, and if you don’t want it, you can disable it. You can also simply prevent layout options from appearing when you hover over the minimize/maximize button, as we’ll explain below.

How to Disable Snap Layouts in

To disable Snap Layouts in , open the Settings app on your PC. Do this by pressing the Windows+i keys.

In Settings, from the sidebar to the left, select “System.”

On the “System” screen, scroll down the right pane and click “Multitasking.”

At the top of the “Multitasking” screen, click the “Snap Windows” toggle to turn it off.

And Snap Layouts is now disabled. You won’t see any layout options while hovering over the minimize/maximize button on an app window anymore.

Remove Layouts from the Minimize/Maximize Button

If you’d like to keep Snap Layouts enabled but don’t want the layout options on the minimize/maximize button, there’s an option in Settings to disable those layout options. The feature will still remain enabled.

To do this, on the same “Multitasking” page where you disabled “Snap Windows,” click the “Snap Windows” menu and deactivate the “Show Snap Layouts When I Hover over a Window’s Maximize button” option.

That will keep Snap Layouts enabled without displaying any options on an app window’s minimize/maximize buttons. And that’s all there is to it.

Snap Layouts is definitely a useful feature, but not everyone might want to use it. If you decide that you don’t need it, you can turn it off. And later, if you want it back, you can turn it on from the same settings page.

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