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Immortal Player Characters

What’s one of the worst things that can happen to a gamer? They build up a character—experience, inventory, what have you—and then the game stops being supported and they lose everything. Well, that may be a thing of the past from now on. Immortal Player are game built on the blockchain—which means, they’re yours forever.

Immortal Player Characters, or IPCs, are entirely owned by you, the gamer. Rather than be attached to a game, they are attached to the Ethereum blockchain. This means that an IPC could technically live in any game, assuming the game allows it—and that’s exactly what developer Ed Annunziata is hoping to achieve.

Ed Annunziata is the video game developer behind such games as Jurassic Park and Ecco the Dolphin. He’s also the CEO and President of Playchemy, the company behind Immortal Player Characters.

“Your heart is safe with IPCs,” Annunziata told, “you are safe to put your time and money into them with NO danger of taking them away from you. Like when an online game shuts down. With IPCs, you simply move your character into another game.”

Everything an IPC does, achieves, and owns is coded onto the blockchain where it will exist forever as unchangeable code. Because of this, levels, abilities, and items gained will stay with the character no matter where they go. All IPCs will begin with a basic set of attributes, including Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Luck. From there, the rest is up to you. You choose your character’s path, what you want them to be, and as you go, your character will become more valuable.

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Immortal Player Characters

Each IPC is unique—and random. If you generate a new IPC, all of its attributes will be unknown until the IPC is formed, so you get to work with a surprise each time.

In addition to the basic attributes, IPCs are made up of original ‘DNA’ that gives them a unique set of characteristics and attributes. This DNA, which is part of what is coded onto the blockchain, is what will help game developers incorporate an IPC into their game (thinking in terms of matching genre to genre, as well as simply transferring the IPCs’ data into the game).

“All the data of IPCs are available for game developers to use in whatever creative way they feel fit,” said Annunziata. Game developers simply need to interface with the blockchain to incorporate an IPC into their game.

Annunziata added, “We will share our unity plugin and code snippets to make interfacing with the blockchain and IPCs easy. Also, later this year we will offer a mirror service that will help cache IPC dynamic values such as inventory, history, backstory—all created by the owner and the gameplay experience of that particular IPC.”

At the moment, Playchemy is developing IPCs in the theme of medieval fantasy, in what will be known as the ‘Fantasy Realm.’ The designs won’t end here though. Once the Fantasy Realm characters are complete, Playchemy will move into a Gothic Realm and beyond.

There is a range of characters already in the works. Annunziata’s favourite character is the Samurai IPC, pictured below:

Immortal Player Characters

Immortal Player can live in pretty much any game, when the developer allows it. But IPCs are also going to get a game of their own. Annunziata and the Playchemy team are in the process of designing IPCs and these will go on sale soon. Then, with the revenue earned from IPC sales, Playchemy plans to develop games specifically for Immortal Player Characters.

One of those games is IPC City. IPC City is a 2D world, done up in the 8-bit style. IPCs get downloaded into the city simply by entering their ID number in. Then, you as your IPC get to explore the city to your heart’s content, interacting with other IPCs you meet on the way.

There’s also going to be a quest-based game. Your character will receive a list of quests it needs to complete. Each quest will center around a different challenge and will have a set time limit. Players get rewarded when they finish a quest in time. The longer the quest, the larger the reward. Completing quests will give IPCs both experience and memories.

“These games are quicker to launch and allow us to continuously add new content and balancing to them so they will get better and deeper over time,” explained Annunziata. “But ultimately we want to make a high production value action RPG for IPCs as soon as we can.”

Annunziata added that if any devs were interested in getting involved, they could contact him at

Immortal Player Characters Immortal Player Characters

As for other games getting in on the action of IPCs, Annunziata told CryptoCurrencyNews that as IPCs gain in popularity, so too will their spread throughout the gaming universe. “If we come, they will build it,” he joked, explaining that “When enough people own IPCs then it will be in the best interest of game developers to optionally support the IPCs in their games.”

You’re probably wondering how you might get your hands on an IPC. Look no further. There are several different ways for you to get an IPC.

The first option is to generate a brand new IPC by interfacing with the IPC smart contract, using ETH. Remember that this way, you won’t get to choose what qualities and attributes your character has. Generating a character will be totally random, from how tall they are to their gender and everything in between.

Or, if surprises aren’t really your thing, you can buy an IPC. You can buy a new IPC for USD through either a credit card or Paypal. That IPC will then be sent to your Ethereum wallet – so you’ll need to have an Ethereum wallet set up first. To buy a new IPC, it’s $1.99 USD.

If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet, you can opt to buy a new IPC along with a new Ethereum wallet that has been created exclusively for your IPC. This option costs $4.99 USD. Buying a new IPC, with or without an Ethereum wallet, gives you a random IPC with random genetics.

The final way to acquire an IPC is to buy an IPC from someone else. This is the buying option that allows you to pick and choose your IPC, to select the traits and/or look you want. This method is also done through the IPC smart contract. IPCs are bought with ETH in this manner, with the seller setting the sale price (which must be greater than zero).

Immortal Player Characters may very well be the future of blockchain gaming. Immortal, transferable, and badass. What more could you want?

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Featured image: Immortal Player Characters

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