Mozilla Rally Gives Users Control Over Their Data

is launching a new data-sharing platform that prioritizes the user’s . The new platform called Mozilla Rally lets users control their online data.

At the same time, the platform also allows users to contribute their browsing data to crowdsourced projects led by scientists and researchers with the aim of building a better internet experience.

Mozilla Rally’s Lets Users Take Control

For years, companies have taken user data without their knowledge or consent, which is why Mozilla wants to make it possible for users to select who gets access to their data and who can put it to work.

While Mozilla has continued to add privacy features to its browser that gives users control over their personal data by blocking tracking cookies, the company also wants users to be able to choose who they want to give their data to.

Rebecca Weiss, the leader of the Mozilla Rally project, explained why Mozilla decided to launch its new data-sharing platform in a press release.

Weiss said that not giving users the option to decide on what they want to do with their personal data is an inequity that harms individuals, society, and the internet. The company believes that people should be able to determine who benefits from their data.

Weiss added that Mozilla wants to change the way that data economy works for both people and businesses. They are highly anticipating to see how Rally can help understand some of the biggest issues of the internet and make it better.

How Mozilla Rally Works

The Mozilla Rally was developed in collaboration with Princeton University professor Jonathan Mayer’s research group.

As a result of the collaboration, social scientists, computer scientists, and other researchers will be able to launch new studies about the web and they can invite users to participate in the study, according to Engadget.

One of the core tenets of Mozilla’s initiative is enabling studies that hold major online services accountable.

Mozilla will start its Mozilla Rally research initiative with two research collaborator studies.

The first study is titled “Political and COVID-19 News,” and a team from Princeton University will conduct it. It will examine how people engage with news and misinformation about politics and COVID-19.

The second study titled “Beyond the Paywall” is expected to be released in the next few months. The study aims to understand better how the public consumes news online.

Mozilla is also launching a new toolkit called WebScience that enables researchers to create standardized browser-based studies on Rally.

The new toolkit also encourages data minimization as this is central to how Rally will respect those who choose to participate in its studies.

According to The Mozilla Blog, the company’s main goal is to demonstrate a case for an equitable market for data, a case where every party involved is treated fairly. Mozilla is encouraging mission-aligned organizations to join their team.

Mozilla Rally is now available for Firefox desktop users over the age of 19 in the United States. However, Mozilla plans to launch its data-sharing platform for other web browsers and countries in the future.

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