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In an announcement, San Francisc0-based startup is now joining hands with software solution provider TAS. The TAS website confirms its engagement with saying “ is coming.. and TAS is ready!” As we all know, “ is a ‘Global, Neutral Settlement System’ for bilateral settlement and exchange.”

On the other hand, software solution provider TAS works with several commercial and central banks across Europe and other parts of the world. Moreover, TAS is also the main broker-dealer of the Global Fortune 500. The company has also got its Financial Services centers in Italy and Europe.

Apart from being the biggest payments carrier in Europe, TAS also has a global presence across 7 countries. TAS serves 150 clients worldwide and also manages over 100 cards globally. Dieter Schoene, managing director of TAS Germany said:

“We have been actively monitoring the market developments from the beginning, years ago, being the first Italian vendor to implement in 2014 a driver in our interbank payments hub allowing Banks to pilot and evaluate the value proposition for cross-border real-time payment transactions”

In one-page information, the TAS Group also shares how the existing payment systems are ailing with inefficiency. Some of the common problems include high transactions fees, over 2 days settlement times, lack of visibility, multiple failure points, and much more.

Getting a Huge Boost

Just as Ripple is making important partnerships, the native token is gaining more grounds. This week itself, the liquidity is getting a huge boost as the token makes it way to a payment platform, exchanges, wallets, and lending provider. enthusiast Leonidas shares information regarding the same on his Twitter.

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XRP is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $20 billion. At the press time, XRP is trading at $0.51.

XRP 1000x Faster and Cheaper to Bitcoin

In a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke at length about Ripple and XRP. Garlinghouse talked about Ripple’s association with other companies in the space and global financial institutions. Moreover, he also spoke on how XRP can be a useful commodity. He also said that XRP’s long-term growth will depend on the problems it solves.

Note that both Ripple and XRP are independent of each other. However, Garlinghouse said that just like Ripple XRP aims to solve real-world problems. The Ripple CEO further added:

“Yes, there is a lot of speculation and hype about Ripple and the crypto as a whole. What we need to do now is to separate the two from each other and focus on expanding the real world use cases.”

Pitching XRP in a straight comparison with Bitcoin, Garlinghouse said: XRP’s services are a “1,000 times faster than Bitcoin [BTC] and a 1,000 times cheaper than Bitcoin”.

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