Pivotal answers Oracle with supported Java distribution

Pivotal is offering a supported of standard that also includes the Spring Framework and Apache Tomcat. Called the Pivotal Spring Runtime, the product is available by yearly subscription, with pricing based on Kubernetes Pods or compute core.

The Pivotal Spring Runtime package is being offered in response to ’s new policies on Java Development Kit (JDK) distribution.  has begun requiring a subscription for commercial Java support for mission-critical deployments, after previously offering a perpetual license and an annual support fee.

Components of Pivotal Spring Runtime include:

  • The Pivotal OpenJDK distribution, with ongoing support as well as security and performance updates.
  • Support for Spring projects, including Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Dataflow.
  • Support for the Apache Tomcat Java . Pivotal supports both the open source Tomcat project and its own distribution of Tomcat, the Pivotal tc Server.

Pivotal Spring Runtime gives users of Pivotal’s Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Data Flow support for their entire Java ecosystem, the company said. Pivotal Spring Runtime supports Java workloads on Linux and Windows including bare metal, virtual machines, , and Kubernetes hosts.

With Pivotal Spring Runtime, Pivotal is offering long-term support for Java 8 and Java 11, with support extending until 2023. Pivotal Spring Runtime thus presents an alternative to Oracle’s popular JDK distribution. While Oracle’s is the best-known Java distribution, others have entered the fray as well, including IBM and Azul.

You can download Pivotal Spring Runtime from Pivotal Network.

Pivotal answers Oracle with supported Java distribution 1

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