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If you’re looking for a killer gaming monitor, we have just the Amazon Prime Day deal for you. This curved, 34-inch ultrawide monitor from LG is 45 percent off, coming in at just $385. It sells for $600 on LG’s website, and was on sale for $500 on Amazon before this Prime Day sale went live.

The fact that it’s 34 inches, curved, and ultrawide might be enough to interest you — and it should be. Curved, ultrawide monitors are more than a gimmick — the extra screen real estate and immersive feel of the curve are great for both productivity and media. Normally, these oversized monitors can cost as much as an entire new computer, driving the price up past what the average person is willing to spend.

But the spotlight feature of this awesome monitor really is the 144Hz refresh rate. If you’ve got a high-powered gaming PC or laptop, you’ll never experience the true potential of it with a 60Hz display. With a 144Hz display, it’ll ensure you pretty much never experience the ugly artifact known as “screen tearing.” Additionally, the LG 34UC79G also supports AMD’s FreeSync technology. Your gameplay should be as smooth as butter.

You’ll need to spend a bit more if you want a higher-resolution display (this one is 2,560 x 1,800) or G-Sync support, but for $385, this is one heck of a gaming monitor.

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