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Crypto.Press has Evolved!

15 minute updates site wide!

Pricing , News, Charts, and feeds from twitter/reddit for 100+ crypto's is all done every 15 minutes. This was the big task of the re-write and could theoretically be updated by the minute (would need some server upgrades). This also paves the way for Crypto.Press to connect to the blockchain.

New Designs everywhere!

Now that the bulk of the back-end work is done I am focusing on the front end, nothing drastic, but the aim is still a clean feel that maximizes usability while displaying as much information in a single place as can be cleverly done. Every single coin and exchange have a new page that is pulling much more information. Like this

Charts are LIVE!

One of the most efficient ways to cross reference some information is via a quick glance at a chart. The (VERY) rough first implementation of an aggregate charting system for each coin is live. It pulls in information from as many exchanges that list the trading pair and overlays each exchange onto the same graph. These are all pulled in parallel and updated every 15 mins. The charts are a bit rudimentary in the first version, but they are built using ChartJS and are exceptionally flexible and will grow in time.

Those are the big things, with many more small changes on top and much more coming soon! There are still plenty of things broken or that may be built strangely if you see anything please let us know.

On the back end, Crypto.Press really changed. It was important moving forward with the project to create a very modular and friendly back end as the cryptosphere is always dynamic and being able to adjust nimbly is a business priority. What this means for us is that to add a new currency takes the effort of collecting the data for a single form. Exchanges take slightly longer because no two API's seems to be the same, but on the order of hours. The best part? Everything is run in parallel so, in theory, Crypto.Press can accommodate a pretty large number of near real-time updates from a vast array of sources.

How exactly this is accomplished will be in a follow-up post.

Thank all of you 30,000+ social media followers and people who take the time to review the site and let us know your thoughts! This project is entirely bootstrapped by a little bit of talent, a lot of hard work, and a vision supported by you. If you see the growing value that Crypto and Crypto.Press as a medium have to offer to the world and would like to support this project please contact us.

Happy Cryptoing!

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